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Dec. 1, 2021

That Thing About Mastering our Mind Body and Soul with Ki Gong

Hey one more thing before you go …In this episode the secrets to mind body soul connection, working with energy and the physical body in the form of Ki Gong, (a Korean version of Qi Gong) for physical and mental health and well-being. You’re also going to learn the key to success is mastering your mind, how to listen to your body, the best way to use the tools that were given to you since the day you were born, the power of meditation, understanding intuition, and Mastering our Mind Body and Soul. We’re going to talk to a Ki Gong master and he’s going to reveal the secrets to a healthier happier life. “Ki Gong is an ancient eastern energy practice that combines the mind, the body, and the breath altogether. Around the time of the great Greek philosophers, the mind was looked upon as different from your five senses. Before that, all through the ancient cultures, the mind was looked upon as the sixth sense. Ki Gong is bringing the mind into the body (Peter Paul Parker 2021.)”

My guest In This Episode Peter Paul Parker, he is an expert in the mind-body connection, a sound healer, and working with both the energy body and the physical body, a Ki Gong International champion, is a coach who has done some amazing work with the elderly, created a unique charity called brighter living to help the elderly with their health and the well-being using Ki gong and meditation. Find out more how to connect with Pete, a DISCOUNT OFFER on his Academy, some hand and wrist exercises, and some info for Parkinson's and dementia patient and unique tapping tool at

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Peter Paul Parker


Peter Paul Parker is an expert in the mind-body connection, a sound healer, and working with both the energy body and the physical body. Peter is a Ki Gong champion, having entered a competition with the British Team in Korea in 2016, winning the International competition. Peter has run a successful coaching business for many years and has particularly done some amazing work with the elderly. He has set up a charity called Brighter Living to help the elderly with their health and well-being using Ki Gong and meditation. Peter has also worked with schools in his local area, helping people connect with themselves, from grandchild to grandparents. Peter has launched the Bright Beings Academy, which is his online business, which incorporates everything that he does to empower people to reach their full potential as human beings.