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Interesting and Authentic

As the host, Michael creates a safe place to share interesting stories and life lessons (and life questions) openly. Thanks for creating a great experience for your listeners and guests!

Excellent podcast

As a former law enforcement member, I enjoyed being a guest on this show. The host asks thought-provoking questions while adding insight most civilians don’t get to see. I highly recommend giving this show a listen! Vic Ferrari

Love this

If you are looking for the one more thing … something missing in your life Thanh you cannot put your finger on- it is this podcast! Every message is timed as a valuable insight at the right time. Michael indeed has created a safe and protected space for inspiration to flow.

Michael Herst and Guest Tina Erwin

Michael and Tina make a great team as they explore the paranormal in a totally new direction. A must listen to open your awareness to possibilities you may not have thought possible!

Well done!!

Micheal is an amazing host who makes you feel comfortable as soon as you meet. I was inspired by his own story and grateful for the opportunity to meet and share mine!

Heartfelt and in-depth interviews

This is a podcast that is filled with heartfelt and in-depth interviews about real life. Michael does such a nice job bringing the human side to difficult topics and offers an enjoyable interview to listen to.

Much needed

An insightful, much needed podcast. Check it out and share it with those around you. Great work Michael.


What a truly amazing podcast great message I love this!!