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Blog Post Guidelines


One More Thing Before You Go Podcast/ One More Thing Productions LLC

Blog or Article Submission Guidelines.

 Hello, there! Thank you for your interest in writing an blog post or article for the One More Thing Before You Go. Please review the following guidelines before submitting your piece for publication:

  • Audience: All guest posts should be tailored towards; triumph over tragedy, alternative health, mental health and well-being, life challenges, solutions to overcoming and moving forward, what makes us laugh, cry, contemplate, hate and love.
  • Categories: Guest posts should fall into one of the following categories: Culture and Society, Personal Stories, Alternative Health, Health and Improvement, Entertainment
  • Length & Content: Articles should fall between 700 - 1,500 words in length, should contain actionable advice or detailed insights, and should be written to a professional standard.
  • Author: The author of the post should be the expert, the professional, the personal experience perspective. Any experience level is welcome.
  • Purpose: The focus of the article should be to inform or inspire my audience. Any articles stuffed with self-promotion will not be considered, though the occasional link to a helpful article or resource is okay. Should not be written as an AD of any type.
  • Formatting: Articles featuring lists, headers, bullet points, and/or other engaging formatting are preferred.
  • Footnotes – The Article and the Summary may contain footnotes at the bottom of the page, consecutively numbered throughout the text. .
  • References – Citations should be made as follows:
    a.     Case citations: should be made in a format generally accepted in country where the decision has been rendered. Regardless of such formatting, references must in any case contain the date of the decision; a reference to the court/arbitration case number; the parties (if known); place of publication; page(s) and/or paragraph(s) quoted;
    b.     Book citations: must contain the author’s initial of first name and last name capitalized and in full; the title of the book in italics, edition (if not first), place of publication, publisher, date, page(s) and/or paragraph(s) quoted;
    c.     Article citations: must contain author’s initial of first name and last name capitalized and in full, title of article in double quotation marks, year in round brackets, title of journal in italics (with reference to volume number, if applicable), page(s) and/or paragraph(s) quoted.
  • Availability: Articles should be unique to One More Thing Before You Go. They should not be published elsewhere online, though you’re welcome to tease the article on your own site or in your newsletter with a link to the full copy on the One More Thing Before You Go. Helpful articles or cheat sheets are allowed as long as they inform, educate and inspire the audience, if there are questions please feel free to contact me.  One More Thing Productions LLC and One More Thing Before You Go Podcast retain The North American and International rights, to publish on their website.
  • Self-Promo: Please include a brief bio with your article that contains a headshot and links to your website, social media, and/or available books, services, or resources.

Before submitting, please note:

  • Our Editorial Team reserves the right to edit your article, including grammar, spelling, and formatting.
  • Depending on the rate at which I receive submissions, I may not be able to publish your article immediately upon acceptance. I will share a proposed publishing date with you before we confirm your submission.
  • I do not record audio versions of guest posts for the One More Thing Before You Go  Podcast at this time, but if you are interested in being a guest on the show please reach out.
  • By contacting me with your submission, you represent and warrant that your article is your original work and does not contain any objectionable or libelous material.