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Oct. 12, 2022

The Voice on the Winding Road- How Two Words Saved my Life

The Voice on the Winding Road- How Two Words Saved my Life

In this episode: what do you do when you fall asleep while driving on a winding mountain road, and just before you have a head on collision with a semi-truck you hear someone call your name and wake you up? Do you believe the voice? Do you know who it is? Have you heard it again? We're going to answer those questions and more when we talk to a young lady who did just that. This experience defined her life in so many ways. I'm your host Michael Herst, welcome to One More Thing Before You Go.

My guest in this episode is Tanya Hackney she's a live-aboard Sailor, a home school mom of five and an author, her current book “leaving the safe harbored the risk and rewards of raising a family on a boat.” Is due out this month. Her husband and her family have had the power to turn their ideas into reality in order to encourage others to live their lives fully and never give up on their aspirations. She's lived aboard traveled and written for the take two sailing blog for more than a decade Overcoming her fear to pursue a dream, faith and spirituality and she's going to show you how you can do the same with an inspirational story.

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