May 12, 2021

That Thing About The Unlucky Sperm Club

That Thing About The Unlucky Sperm Club

In this episode we learn how a child who was born to a 15-year-old mother, shadowed by the a rape, murder, extreme poverty, abuse, and being the center of the biggest trial ever to hit his small town he was from. Rather than falling victim to his hardships, he used them to fuel his life purpose and turn despair into a life complete with a loving family and a multimillion-dollar business empire. Nelson Tressler’s success and life philosophy come from his unique beginnings and him starting at the bottom. The oldest of five children and raised in poverty by an abusive stepfather, Nelson turned resourcefulness and tenacity into a life skill. He played college football and joined the US Air Force on the GI Bill, completing tours in Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Upon leaving the Air Force, Nelson fulfilled his first big goal of being the first person in his extended family to receive a college degree. Nelson’s stranger-than-fiction, real-life story guaranteed him membership into the Unlucky Sperm Club. It also provided him the strength and determination to create a life he couldn’t have dreamed of as a child, and he shares how you can overcome and achieve as ell! More at

Nelson Tressler


Nelson L. Tressler is the Founder and CEO of IGOTSMARTER, a goal-achievement program and app created to help people succeed in every aspect of life. Despite his unbelievable difficult beginnings, Nelson rose to become a top commercial real estate agent and investor, completing well over $1 billion in transactions. As a serial entrepreneur, he has successfully founded over 10 businesses including one of the largest privately help pet resort chains in the nation. Nelson’s first big goal was when he became the first person in has extended family to earn a college degree, receiving a BSBA in finance from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He is a US Air Force Veteran. His current company IGOTSMARTER utilizes an app and goal program that increases goal achievement by as much as 95%. The program is built on 15 philosophies Nelson has learned from his “murder to millions” personal journey. Currently living in Las Vegas Nelson has been married for over 25 years and has 3 sons.