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Sept. 22, 2020

That Thing About The Demon That Followed Me Home

That Thing About The Demon That Followed Me Home
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In this episode we learn what it’s like to see and feel a demon harassing a young woman, how she was able to finally release it. We are also going to understand a little more about the Asian perspective on Angels and Demons. Kate Emerald is from Seoul Korea, she is a healer, storyteller, and astrologer.  She is the founder of Life Of Emerald, an online studio scaling global impact via introducing ancient wisdom, spirituality & cultures to people all walks of life to heal and improve their lives.  Her ancestors are kings of South Korea of the Joseon dynasty and the scholars of the Nobel class in the Shilla dynasty. She spearheads the Global Healing Movement 2020, an advocacy shedding stigma on mental health and Sacred Healing Summit, a platform bringing thought leaders in psychology, business, medicine, education, and divination. Her educational background includes psychology, international pedagogy, business, urban planning, philosophy, astrology, and divination.  This is the second of a trilogy that starts on this subject and continues with the next two. Visit Https://beforeyougopodcast.com For more information visit: lifeofemerald.com You can find her on Instagram @lifeofemerald_s; and email: lifeofemerald@gmail.com