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July 23, 2021

That Thing About Taming The Crohn's Beast

That Thing About  Taming The Crohn's Beast
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In This Episode we learn how to put your Crohn's disease in remission naturally! We are going to have a conversation with a Medical Doctor who discovered she had Crohn's disease while she was going through medical school, while having a cultural background that demanded the best in performance. She's going to share with you how she put her disease into remission for over 10 years now, and you can choose to a natural and holistic approach to healing. We are going to explore those alternative health methods to help you soothe your Crohn’s and regain your life!  My guest in this episode isDr. Selvi Vasudevan a Western trained Medical Dr. who turned IBD Health coach specializing in Crohn’s disease and healing and naturally. Her passion lies in applying these and other methods she learned along the way, to help her clients regain their life from the pain and exhaustion of Crohn’s. Find out more and how to connect with Dr Selvi at https://beforeyougopocast.com