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April 16, 2021

That Thing About Loving Someone Who's Dying

That Thing About Loving Someone Who's Dying
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While I’m recovering from surgery I’m sharing s favorite Friday episode that touched our hearts immensely and I know that it will touch yours..I’m going to do my best to post a new episode once a week for the next few weeks, and my wife may make a few surprise appearances as my guest host throughout. My apologies in advance it was an extensive surgery that requires commitment to recovery. We will be back to normal schedule within three weeks or so. In the meantime In this episode for our favorite Friday throwback, I revisit a very profound conversation with Nicholas Stroud in his journey with loving someone who’s dying. Nick Strand lost his wife to Cystic fibrosis. We share his journey in the love of his wife and being with her until the end, And how it changed his life. If you have heard this already please listen to it again, if you haven’t heard it please take a listen is it will touch your your soul .In this episode we will learn the story of a young man that lost not only his lifelong best friend, but the love of his life as well. We will learn how to live every day to the fullest because it can be gone in an instant. My guest today is Nicholas Strand, he is an author, the podcast host of Choose Your Attitude where the inspiration to make sure that everyone knows you have the ability to choose your attitude when it comes to loss, grief, and moving on. His book Loving Someone Who’s Dying tells the journey he went on with the love of his life, and how his late wife Brianna who fought a lifelong battle with Cystic Fibrosis, shared her amazing power to inspire and shine no matter what life’s challenges throw at you!  Nick’s mission is to use that little spark of hope to inspire others so we may choose our attitude, move forward, and create a beautiful life Nick would love to hear from you! Have a question, idea, topic to cover, guest to have on the show? Email him: PodcastPR@ChooseYourAttitude.com Go to our website at BeforeYouGoPodcast.com for more info