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Dec. 3, 2021

That Thing About Laughter Yoga- The Magic Stress Reliever- Friday Fun Day

In This episode laughter really is the best medicine, How to combine laughter and yoga to help you improve your life and those around you, Laughter Yoga as a stress reliever and health secret. Can you remember the last time you really just laughed uncontrollably? In this episode we're going to explore laughter and how it makes us feel, how it can change the the moods of ourselves and those around us, and then how to combine it with yoga for a greater sense of health and well-being. Stay tuned I'm your host Michael Herst and this is That Thing About Laughter Yoga… It's a perfect way To start the weekend with a Friday Fun episode.

 My guest is Pete Cann the laughter man. During an afternoon, at a summer festival with his family, the joyous sound of laughter ringing out from the arboretum Pete stumbled on his first Laughter Yoga event. And it was at this point that Pete Cann ‘Businessman’ became the man we have today, Pete Cann ‘The Laughter Man.’ Pete transformed his life and of those around him utilizing this very unique form of yoga, meditation, and Laughter to help you develop a greater sense of health and well-being… He has made it his mission in life to bring the health, happiness and wealth benefits of laughter to the whole wide world, and we are going to learn his secrets to happiness and exploring perceptions of our mental health! https://beforeyougopodcast.com https://onemorething beforeyougo.com

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Pete Cann

The Laughter Man

The Laughter Man, Pete Cann is on a fun filled mission to bring the positive benefits of laughter to the world. Since discovering Laughter Yoga, company owner Pete has transformed his business and family life and now wants to share his infectious secrets and get the planet laughing along with him.

As part of my interview, I would love to offer your listeners the opportunity to try my 5 day laughter challenge - https://petecann.com/5-day-challenge-opt-in/

Where they can use laughter to help complete a creative goal that they have.