March 31, 2021

That Thing About Healing with Balance

That Thing About Healing with Balance

In this episode we're going to learn about the power of meditation, yoga, Theravada Buddhism and finding balance within oneself through mindful introspection especially after losing someone close to you. My guest in this episode is Kayla Pearson Who is a soldier, a surfer, an entrepreneur she believes life is a big adventure and learning to balance play with work is her ultimate journey on this earth. She's been a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter mechanic and crew chief, worked with military intelligence, is a mother of a wonderful daughter, and the CEO of her own company. Find out more about Kayla and her amazing journey at and Momeostasis Podcast ( also here are links to the author/ books I was trying to think of (her name is Pema Chodron)

“When Things Fall Apart” was the book that introduced me to introspective meditation and thought practice.

Kayla Pearson


I was born in a tiny town in California outside of LA, and have always had an affinity with the sea and nature as a whole. I grew up in Utah however, so as soon as I could, I moved to Florida - which is where I learned to surf - on a big pink 9’0 fiberglass board in the waves off of the pier there. Surfing for me is one of the only times that I can turn my mind off, and just be. I don’t worry about who is watching, or having the perfect ride every time, I just go play.
I joined the Army in 2013 as a UH60 Blackhawk mechanic and crew chief, and then changed jobs to work in the military intelligence field after I had my daughter, Eleanor in 2017. In that time, I have competed in Ironman 140.6 Japan, won the women’s title in the Seoul International Marathon, and earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology while remodeling a home with my husband, Ben. I am currently building my business, Surf Soap, which was grown out of a love for the ocean and of my dream to create a company people could find fulfillment in working for. I practice Theravada Buddhism, yoga, and meditation - and also have an affinity for coffee and dark chocolate. I believe life is a big adventure, and learning to balance play with work is my ultimate journey on this earth.

- Kayla