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Nov. 19, 2020

That Thing About an Erotic Blueprint

That Thing About an Erotic Blueprint
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In this episode we have a conversation about being stuck in your sexual relationship, learning how to communication and find erotic freedom in your relationships. And creating an erotic blueprint to guide you in your quest of exploration. We talk to a certified erotic blueprint coach and have an open conversation about sex, intimacy, and relationship. My guest in this episode is Jack Stone he is a leader of transformation and erotic freedom. He has been a 6-figure audio professional for over 25 years in the video game industry, studied over 10,000 hours of leadership, business, real estate investing and is an expert in communication, relationships, sex and intimacy. He's a Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach™ and works with couples and individuals who want to transform their intimate relationships and live their lives to the fullest extent. Find out more at Beforeyougopodcast.com and contact Jack and explore his services at https://MySlink.app/EroticallyWired