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April 13, 2022

That Thing About an Angel on My Shoulder

That Thing About an Angel on My Shoulder
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In this episode, angels, spiritual awakening, intuitive ability and recognition, we're going to have a conversation with a woman who changed her life by leaving a toxic relationship, opening her mind in her heart to the angels on her shoulder, and how you can recognize yours.

My guest in this episode is Jesse Campbell, but her clients know her as Jess Intuitive Angel Healer.  She is a Spiritual Grounding Coach and Reiki Practitioner & over all Energy Healer. She provides supportive guidance to individuals by connecting to their Angels and energy in an Angel Session through oracle divination. As an empath, she creates a safe, loving space for her clients.  While experiencing a healing Angelic session, clients will notice the heavy energy being transmuted by my energy and replaced with healing Love & Light.

She has been a part of the medical community since 2008 in various states. She was a Certified Nursing Assistant, Behavioral Tech for mental health &Caregiver for 4 years. Her Associates Degree is in Applied Sciences, with a Major in Medical Assisting. This was accomplished in 2012 at NAU in Overland Park, KS. For over 7 years now, she has worked for various specialty physician’s offices as a Medical Assistant. This also includes the opportunities she received to work with Infectious Disease in Kansas City, MO to start her career off & with the Air Force Academy as a med tech in their family health clinic.

She has been studying the spiritual side of life now since her “spiritual awakening” in 2017. Her story might be similar to a few out there, she was in a Toxic 10-year marriage and had to relearn how to LIVE again after deciding that she would not let this be the END of her story.

She is a Spiritual Practitioner, and my Only Religion is LOVE and ALL paths that Lead to it! My guidance is meant to be delivered as lovingly as possible, but it will never hold anything within it, but the Absolute truth you need to move forward. Angelic Services are Non-Religious & Purely full of Only Love & Light needed to demolish the emotional blocks you are currently experiencing. Teaching & Guidance are delivered non-bias manner that is direct from the source. Angelic Guidance & Spiritual teachings are provided in a loving, but direct manner. Extra care will be taken with more difficult messages and explained in detail, so you understand your guidance. Learn More https://beforeyougopodcast.com

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