March 9, 2021

That Thing About An Addiction to Recovery

That Thing About An Addiction to Recovery

In this episode we have a conversation with Russ Fairclough, a man that lost his dad at 13 and never effectively dealt with it. He spent 10 years as drug addict, entered recovery, had a decent job, became totally disillusioned. He decided to move to Thailand and teach there as well as China. In an attempt to discover himself he decided to cycle around the United Kingdom, Kenya, and South America for a year, stuck lockdown in Peru, and then Colombia. He had an encounter with the drug cartel in Mexico and all while managing his addiction and exploring plant medicine to help with his mental health. Find out more about Russ at

Russ Fairclough


I lost my dad at 13 and never dealt with it. 10 years as drug addict. Entered recovery, decent job, totally disillusioned changed career went to live in Thailand and teach their have also taught in china, Just been cycling around south america for a year. then got stuck in peru then in lockdown in the uk kenya and now colombia. I'm now into plant medicine to help