Jan. 26, 2021

That Thing About a Passion For Writing

That Thing About a Passion For Writing

In this episode we learn how a  7-year-old young lady loved books so much and dreamed about being a writer one day, was put into a position to make a life and death decision that changed her life forever. She grew up to become an award-winning entrepreneur, the founder and CEO of multiple businesses in the Singapore and the United Kingdom. She never gave up on her dream to become an author, and because of that she developed and founded a publishing company “The World Is So Big,” and is an Author of some best-selling books on Amazon. You can find out more at Https://www.beforeyougopodcast.com as well as her website


Chrissy Tasker


Chrissy G. Tasker is an Inspirational speaker, Number one bestselling author, Leader, and a Certified Public Speaker. She is the award winner for The Most Inspiring Women of Our Time 2016, Award winner for Women Entrepreneur BY KPMG 2014, and many time Million Dollar Round table Award winner in the Prestige Insurance industries. Her passion for collaboration and seeking alliances lead her to many of her success in her business venture. Chrissy Tasker has spent years getting under the bonnet of some of the world's renowned organizations seeking alliances with different companies and business owners. Across the different sectors, she believes how collaboration can bring together ambitious individuals to become more than the sum of their parts. She is the founder of The World is So Big Publishing and Runs Author Syndicate Academy an Online course that teaches students to publish their own book in 90 days.
She deeply concerns for the welfare of the underprivileged children and she is a volunteer with The Children Society Charity Organisation. She is now the ambassador speaker for The Children Society Charity Organisation
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