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Jan. 7, 2022

That Thing About 7- Stories up and Walking Through The Valley of Death

In This episode we have a conversation with a decorated firefighter /EMT whose career of saving people's lives came to a culmination atop a pile of rubble at Ground Zero on 9/11, when he was seven stories up helping take apart that pile of rubble piece by piece, by hand. He stopped to rest and sat down and when he looked down the street, all he saw was the gray cement color over everything: the buildings, the windows, the street, the cars, he saw nothing but a big corridor of gray. He paused and looked to the left to see clear perfect blue sky. He looked right and again saw clear perfect blue sky, he looked above him and saw clear perfect blue sky. He then looked back down the gray corridor and said to himself “I just walked through the valley of death.” He again looked up and prayed that nothing fell on top of him, or his colleagues, and that they make it home alive. Does your life move forward? Or do you try and force your life back to what was once a routine and move on? You’re going to learn that, and how you too can move forward in life when you are faced with life changing decisions… I'm your host Michael Herst and this is That Thing About 7 Stories up and Walking through the Valley of Death.

My guest in is episode is Alan pacer is a decorated retired firefighter/EMT that was one of the responders to Ground Zero on 9/11. Like so many that changed his life, some PTSD, decisions to go back into a different type of toxic environment, divorced and raising his high functioning autistic son alone his life journey was re-invented, and he was able to take what he called a side hustle, and turn it into a multimillion dollar corporation, and takes his experiences on the road to help others overcome their fear and achieve their visions and reinvent their lives, and we are going to share that journey and help you learn how to overcome and achieve your happiness.  Find ut more at https://beforeyougopodcast.com

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Alan Placer

I came from a very broken home and was abandoned by my parents and siblings at 9. Raising myself, I thankfully made a conscious decision at that age to become a "good man", whatever that meant. After high school i became a firefighter/EMT because I thought it would make me a better man. While decorated with many rescue awards, I retired after responding to Ground Zero on 9/11.
Broken, I went back to work at my family's retail business which was a nightmare. Soon I wound up divorced and raising my high-functioning autistic son alone. I started an ecommerce business with products I invented as a side hustle. That company is now a multi million dollar corporation and my son is a proud, independent man.
Today I spend much of my time contributing to groups like Order of Man and others to help others overcome fear and achieve their visions. I am an experienced podcast guest and am making rounds again as I start writing a book.