Alan Placer

I came from a very broken home and was abandoned by my parents and siblings at 9. Raising myself, I thankfully made a conscious decision at that age to become a "good man", whatever that meant. After high school i became a firefighter/EMT because I thought it would make me a better man. While decorated with many rescue awards, I retired after responding to Ground Zero on 9/11.
Broken, I went back to work at my family's retail business which was a nightmare. Soon I wound up divorced and raising my high-functioning autistic son alone. I started an ecommerce business with products I invented as a side hustle. That company is now a multi million dollar corporation and my son is a proud, independent man.
Today I spend much of my time contributing to groups like Order of Man and others to help others overcome fear and achieve their visions. I am an experienced podcast guest and am making rounds again as I start writing a book.

That Thing About 7- Stories up and Walking Through The Valley of Death

Jan. 7, 2022

In This episode we have a conversation with a decorated firefighter /EMT whose career of saving people's lives came to a culmination atop a pile of rubble at Ground Zero on 9/11, when he was seven stories up helping take apa…

Guest: Alan Placer