Tony Russo


Telling compelling stories about ordinary people has been Tony Russo's specialty for the entirety of his journalism career. Whether profiling artists, community leaders, or combat veterans, he has a knack for helping people connect to personal stories.
In addition to writing about the craft beer revolution, Tony wrote and hosted "This Is War," a narrative podcast documenting the personal stories of combat veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.
His most recent work, Dragged Into the Light: Truthers, Reptilians, Super Soldiers, and Death Inside an Online Cult looks into how one nondescript woman was able to tap into the rising paranoia that birthed the conspiracy theory culture.
Tony lives on Maryland's Eastern Shore with his wife and the only of his four daughters who has yet to move out. Together they keep their dog and cats comfortable.

That Thing About Christianity, Demonic Hordes, Murder and Cults

Jan. 12, 2022

In this episode Christianity, Demonic Hordes of Lucifer, the New World Order, Reptilian Shape Shifters and a self-proclaimed Prophet; we touch on this and more when we have a conversation with an investigative journalist and…

Guest: Tony Russo