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Ryan Stacey

TESA Founder/Director of Investigations

Ryan Stacey is a private investigator, citizen journalist, and an active Canadian Disclosure Ufologist. He is also a private
paranormal/psychogenic investigator, creator of the
Ultraspectrum Classification System and founder of The
Experiencer Support Association (TESA) and Director of Investigations. Stacey identifies as a phenomenologist.

Stacey aims to bridge the gap between the UFO, Paranormal,
and Psychogenic communities to collect data to assist in
helping experiencers understand why they are experiencing
unusual and unexplained phenomena.

Stacey's work involves helping those interested in and affected by the phenomena by teaching how a lawful investigation works
and applying this knowledge to answer the most challenging question; Are we alone? Stacey also creates awareness of potential fraudulent reporting and the repercussions of misleading information, intending to separate the weed from the chaff while following only the best and most credible leads toward confirming the existence of any unknown phenomena.

Jan. 4, 2023

Uncovering the Truth: UFO/UAP's "Are We Truly Alone"

In this episode, we’ll be discussing the latest UFO/UAP sightings, and question if we are truly alone in the universe, as well as the theory put forth by Ryan Stacey founder and Director of Investigations of The Experiencer S...

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