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Melissa Reilly, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist, Parent Coach

Melissa Reilly is a clinical psychologist, parent coach, and a mom without a mom. Although grief has been a part of Melissa’s life from the age of four, she was shocked to find that a resurgence of grief would be part of her birth experience. Melissa and her mother had been estranged prior to her mother’s death which complicated things further. She missed her mother and was angry with her simultaneously. She longed to have a healthy mother figure in her life as she learned how to be a mom herself.

Through her personal and professional life, Melissa has come to recognize that Moms without a mom experience grief during the years postpartum and beyond, even if they don’t realize it. She is passionate about helping moms without a mom heal through grief, build community, feel joy in motherhood and move from feelings of isolation, insecurity and overwhelm to a place of confidence and resilience.

That Thing About How to Navigate Motherhood When your Mom is Gone
May 11, 2022

That Thing About How to Navigate Motherhood When your Mom is Gone

In this episode:what do you do when you lose your mother and you’re about to become a mother yourself? Who do you ask about raising a child? Where do you turn when you are separated from your mother by physical …

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