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Marie Scott

Author and Functional Medicine Coach

People who are grieving can feel lost as they try to navigate a new path through the unknown. Marie is here to give widows and widowers the roadmap, as well as the permission they deserve to navigate out of the vortex of grief. She’ll help to shine a light in a dark place. “Navigating Grief: 7 Steps to Healing after Loss” uses a powerful conversation of story, strategy, and humor designed to give widows and widowers unique tools to work through their grief and be inspired to live well, laugh more, and love again.

By addressing grief through the transformative powers of laughter and wellness, Marie breaks the mold on how to recover from the devastating loss of a life partner. Widows and widowers walk away moved by Marie’s openness and vulnerability around her own grief journey.

Feb. 11, 2022

That Thing About LIfe After Widowhood

In this episode we're going to have a conversation with the woman that lost her husband of 30 years, made a choice to not wallow …

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