Lydia Knorr

Health & Wellness Educator, Author, Speaker

Lydia Knorr worked for more than two decades in the health and wellness industry as a Registered Dietitian, with the greatest part of her career in media. Her personal journey through the sudden loss of her husband, her experience navigating cancer and a period of unhealthy coping mechanisms, served as the impetus for adopting a holistic approach to well-being that focused on the health of her body, mind and soul. The benefits she realized prompted her to create her signature program, Discovering Y.O.U. (Your Own Uniqueness) where she delivers keynotes and workshops in the areas of personal growth, connection to self and positive change. She helps people get to the heart of what truly matters to them and demonstrates how becoming more of themselves, not less, is exactly what the world needs. Lydia believes that honouring yourself by nourishing every part of your well-being, is the healthiest way to live and will lead you to a thriving and fulfilling existence.

July 16, 2021

That Thing About Doing What Makes You Happy

What do you do when two decades into a thriving career, your life comes to a screeching halt when you become a widow without warning and the sole parent to three young daughter? How do you cope when you’re thrown another curv...