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Kerri Scott is an author, speaker, designer, and thought leader.
Her purpose is to align the energies of her heart and throat to share her grief journey and inspire suicide survivors to break their silence. She is bringing voice to a silent epidemic.
Kerri has lived the pain of losing a loved one to suicide after their diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Her grief journey has become her spiritual journey and from her loss, she has discovered the power of self-love.
From her awakening journey also emerged the Soul Selves Framework. A mindset tool that brings awareness to the patterns of behavior that keep us from becoming our authentic selves.
Her first publication, Prosperity Codes, is to be released on May 3rd, 2022. It is a multi- author collection of stories about how to attract and align to the energy of prosperity, wealth, joy and abundance.
Kerri is currently working on her debut, solo book, Celebrate Your Grief, Transforming Your Loss into Self-Love.
She lives on Vancouver Island, in Canada with her husband and their two children.

That Thing About Bipolar Disorder, Suicide, and Soul Selves Framework
May 25, 2022

That Thing About Bipolar Disorder, Suicide, and Soul Selves Framework

In this episode: bipolar disorder, suicide, overcoming grief after that suicide, continuing personal growth and Soul Selves Framework. We’re going to learn all of that and more when we have a conversation with an individual t...

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