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Katische Haberfield

Soul Therapist

Katische is a soul therapist, international best selling author and podcaster. She talks on the topics of Spiritual Regression Therapy, Spirit Releasement Therapy and related topics.

Katische helps old souls, starseeds and lightworkers to break free of karmic behaviours and limiting beliefs impacting their potential, and soul purpose.

She accesses the sub and superconscious mind, across all lifetimes, to tap into and break the patterns, beliefs and karmic vows that are holding you back, so you can live a life according to your soul's desires, not your ego, or your karmic past.

Sessions with Katische are bespoke, and incorporate many of her modalities (including age and past life regression, life between lives regression, future life progression and akashic records healing) according to your needs.

She has a passion for helping people with abundance of all levels- especially financial and relationship and unlocking the most important kind of abundance- an abundance of self-love.

When she’s not working, Katische loves sharing the light through photography, hiking in nature and chasing around in her mum’s taxi after her beloved teenage sons.

Past Lives, Soul Potential and Breaking Free from Karmic Behaviors
Feb. 15, 2023

Past Lives, Soul Potential and Breaking Free from Karmic Behaviors

In this episode: Are you curious about the power of past lives and what they can reveal about your current life? Do you ever have dreams where you know something that happened in a previous life? Or do you feel …

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