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Isabeau Maxwell

Spiritual Teacher/Medium/Author

Isabeau “Beau” Maxwell is one of the leading spiritual coaches in intuitive development today. Isabeau brings deep channeled knowledge and personal understanding to the field of spirituality. She has helped people connect to their authentic, natural intuitive abilities for over 15 years. Isabeau is the founder of the award winning intuitive development course, The SAGE Method, the author of the best-selling book Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium, and the creator of the popular online community, The SAGE Circle.

That Thing About How a Reluctant Medium Embraced Talking to Dead

Aug. 3, 2022

In this episode we learn that talking to the dead isn’t a joy ride, it’s not a theme park pass to chat with Elvis whenever you want, or a ticket to discover the long-lost secrets of Atlantis. Nor is it a convenient way to fi…

Guests: Isabeau Maxwell , Isba