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Christine is the founder and creator of SASSI® Coach and Christine Consulting based in Knoxville, TN
Her unique approach brings out the strength and the light that shines in each woman, especially those that have survived abuse. She believes once you are out of that situation there is an obstacle for that woman; to face an even bigger challenge – what do I do now and who am I?
Her SASSI® Program is designed to help you find those answers with a new beginning to get you to your goals and objectives of where you want to go and who you want to be.
Being a survivor and victor herself, she has made it her life’s mission to help every woman to Be, Do, Have SASSI®, encouraging women to “Ruffle Some Feathers & Blow Some Minds!”
She has even gone so far as to “coin” the new word SurThrivOr, because she believes every woman can survive and thrive to be her best true self.

That Thing About Near death to Archangel Michael -the Road to Recovery
July 20, 2022

That Thing About Near death to Archangel Michael -the Road to Recovery

In this episode: Several Near-Death Experiences, drug & alcohol addiction, an abusive husband, and a beautiful encounter with Archangel Michael, an incredible journey of triumph over tragedy and it’s not over yet! It's going ...

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