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Aug. 28, 2022

From Bullied to Big Screen Conversation With an Indie Filmmaker

In this Over The Teacup Sunday episode you're going to learn what it takes to become an independent filmmaker; produce a film during a Covid Pandemic, gain self-confidence, overcome adversity, reach for your dreams and complete a film that gets distribution on National T.V.

Also going to answer the questions: How do you go from majoring in psychology to working in law enforcement, to the pages of GQ, to an actor on the silver screen? What happens when you advance your photography hobby to a career as a film maker? We're going to find out those answers, as well as, how you can make that jump too when we have a conversation with Indiana born model and actor turned self-taught filmmaker Bo Roberts... I'm your host Michael Herst welcome to One More Thing Before You Go – Over The Teacup Sunday

My guest in this episode is Bo Roberts, an Indiana-born model/actor turned self-taught filmmaker who was driven to filmmaking through his interest in psychology. His journey on route included being a Corrections officer/CERT Team member, a model in major magazines such as GQ, Cosmo, and Esquire, and named one of the "50 Sexiest Men Alive, then transitioned from modeling to acting appearing in various projects including Legendary Pictures/Noam Murro's "300: Rise of an Empire"; Fox's "The Mindy Project" “ American Horror Story” and USA Network's "Burn Notice" most recently in Lionsgate/Kevin Carraway's "Change of Command" with Michael Jai White and Steve Austin. His director/cinematographer's debut is the short feature film, "The Great Awakening" a thriller with science-fiction elements currently streaming on Tubi TV. Welcome to the show..

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Bo Roberts

Director, Producer, Actor

Indiana-born model/actor turned self-taught director/filmmaker Bo Roberts was driven to filmmaking through his interest in psychology. On the heels of creating 17 short films, Roberts took the opportunity in 2021 to make a feature film, "The Great Awakening” was acquired by distributor Filmhub and is currently available on multiple streaming platforms, including tubiTV.