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March 26, 2023

What Happens After We Die- Ascension and Reincarnation- Spiritual Sunday Throwback

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Unlock the secrets of life after death with this Spiritual Sunday Revisit featuring our June 16th, 2022, episode 190. As Diane and I take this week off to heal, we wanted to share this amazing conversation as we explore the mysteries of life and death, answering questions about what happens after we die, such as ascension and reincarnation.

What if we had a way to look way beyond the confines of religion and societal norms, and to understand the truth behind so many of the traditions, assumptions and beliefs that shape modern-day life. Stay tuned as we talked to a man that has those unique answers.

⁠My guest in this episode is Steven Machat is an American entertainment entrepreneur, a film producer, the author of ten books, a music publisher, and manager and lawyer of talent as well as an owner of record labels. Machat has represented Electric Light Orchestra, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Ready for The World, Leonard Cohen, Phil Spector Snoop Dogg, Stacey Jackson, Phil Crown and Bobby Brown to name a few. In Steven’s tenth book, “We’ve Got to Get Out of This Place!” he explores the smoke and mirrors that surround humanity, religion and philosophy, revealing the truths that remain hidden in plain sight. He delves deep into the exploration of Earthly death, ascension and reincarnation and draws convincing research-based conclusions to five of the most significant questions for mankind, including, 'what happens after we die?' (As a reminder we'll be taking this week off to heal.) Find out more at: https://beforeyougopodcast.com.

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