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Aug. 24, 2022

Wayback Wednesday: What to Expect About Expectations

Wayback Wednesday: What to Expect About Expectations
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In this Wayback Wednesday episode we're going to talk about expectations, where they come from, how they motivate us, how they blow our self-esteem, and how to fix them. We all have them, they are all put upon us from the time we're born until the day we die, but how do we manage those? how do we stop being upset when we fail to meet them? the good news is, there is a method for help us to understand the basis of expectations, how to work with them to help us manage our daily life without being overwhelmed. Stay tuned as we talk to an author and improv performer who will help us understand those these secrets to To a happier more relaxed life. I 'm your host Michael Hurst and this is that thing about “What to Expect when Having Expectations.”

My guest in this episode is Ben Winter, he is an Author, Speaker, Actor, Improvist, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Father, and much more. He has flown an airplane on his own, scuba dived in the Galapagos, viewed the animals of Tanzania up close and personal, and it traveled all over the world with a 6 month old child in tow.. Ben has performed and teaches improv for over a decade, acted in several plays, and even a movie. He loves to explore, especially physical places around the world, as well as the mind, he's written a book about it, and that's what we're going to talk about today

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