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Trauma Survivor to Comedian- the "Mentally Kill Project"

In this episode we're going to learn what is like to be a comedian, and entrepreneur, a trauma survivor and a mental health advocate trying to make a life for everyone a little more positive and bringing a smile and laughter along the way welcome to One More Thing Before You Go

My guest in this episode is Christyann better as C.A. Kanooble, she is an author, mental health advocate, comedian, and business owner with a proud history of HOE-manship. Hitting a major turning point in her life, she launched a mental health project titled "Mentally Kill" connecting with patients, advocates, doctors, and therapists from all over the world, but more importantly within herself. She has been a stand-up comedian for the last three years, and recently launched a podcast based on a book she wrote in her early 20's called the "Hoe Handbook." We're going to learn her journey how she got to where she is today and how she can help you.
Let's Boogie by Chris Phaze

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