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The Untapped Superpower of Human’s Limitlessness- Art & Creativity Unleashed

In the episode, Art/creativity, healthy dialogue (podcasts) and our adaptability are superpowers that define our limitless human potential. Creating art always reminds and teaches us of a life as human BEINGS. It makes us aware of human and nature’s wonders for us and future generations. that’s the philosophy and practice of my guest in this episode where we explore how art & creativity always bring us closer to humanity and how you have the ability to develop your creative Voice

My Guest in this episode is Michaell Magrutsche, Austrian/Californian multidisciplinary artist, awareness and creativity educator, speaker, and author. He works on raising the awareness of our limitless human potential and comprehending wisdom. Michaell is an advocate for helping understand neurodiversity. His dyslexia and dysgraphia forced him to develop an awareness of seeing the world purely from a human perspective. Creating art completed his awareness of what it is to be human-relevant vs system-relevant. Michaell’s talent is recognizing awareness to seed a new consciousness that allows us to unveil the untapped superpowers of human’s limitlessness, art/creativity, healthy discourse and adaptability to make all humans fit within our human tapestry. Welcome to the show. Find out more and how to connect with Michaell https://beforeyougopodcast.com
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