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The Fall 2022 T.V.Schedule- Our Favorites Over The Teacup Sunday

In this episode of Over the Teacup Sunday September 25th, 2022: Our favorite subject the Fall 2022 TV season has officially begun. The top five networks. Have already begun ushering in our returning favorites, as well as premiering some very exciting new shows, some of which were based on old shows and there are still plenty of shows yet to make their debut. ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and the CW Fall TV shows and more

We're a little one sided as in we are only going to talk about our favorites which may or may not be on your favorites list. If you are a fan of these shows that's fantastic if you are not yet a fan hopefully will get you interested. So, let's Jump right into the new TV season I'm your host Michael Herst I'm here with my lovely wife and co-host Diane welcome to one more thing before you go over the teacups Sunday Https://beforeyougopodcast.com

Find the full 2022 Fall T.V. Schedule and Line-up her: https://www.tvguide.com/news/broadcast-fall-2022-premiere-schedule-by-date-abc-fox-cbs-nbc-cw/

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