What happens when you move to a completely different country you're hit with challenges and grief and motherhood, lose your mother unexpectedly followed up by two miscarriages and come to the realization that you must address the grief and the pain in order to heal? After going on a crucial grief journey, my guest Katie Rössler learned the power of grief in our lives, and how it can affect us both in a positive and a negative way. When she thought she had a handle on everything then the pandemic hit, and Katie realized that she needed to use her skills and her experience to help people through a new methodology of understanding grief.

Katie Rössler is an author, transformative grief guide, and licensed professional counselor from the USA living in Munich, Germany. Her career has taken her on a journey of working in private practice in two countries, residential facilities, homes, and schools, as well as speaking to a variety of corporate and non-profit groups. Katie is a wife, mom of three, and loves spending time by the water. She's the author of a new book entitled The New Face of Grief: Transform pain into empowerment

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