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Murder, Grief and Hope: How to Survive After Tragic Loss

How do you move on after your son is murdered and Justice wasn't achieved? How you can be positive after tragedy? What do you do with your life when you lose a child at a very young age and in a tragic way? How do you find purpose again when you are a mother and a wife in not sure which direction to go after this tragic loss? Stay tuned we're going to Have a conversation with a woman who moved forward to provide positivity, support, and hope for others going through their grief journey, she's going to show you how she can help you if you're going through Loss. I'm your host Michael Herst and this is one more thing before you go

My Guest in this episode created, developed, designed, and currently facilitates a virtual grief peer support group. Hope Reger created this in honor of her son Justin, whose life was tragically cut short at the young age of 19. Her journey through this loss opened her heart to use the pain she experienced for a better purpose by creating an environment to provide positivity, inspiration and hope to others. “Grief 2 Hope” is a virtual peer grief support group that allows grievers a safe space to be their authentic self with support of others who understand and know exactly what they are going through…. Welcome to the show

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