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I Hear Dead People- How to Talk to Our Loved One's Who have Passed

In this episode: What do you do when your grandfathers spirit visits you after he died to let you know not to worry about him? How do you handle the prediction of cancer when you're the one foretelling it? What happens when you have a near death experience? We're going to answer these questions and more when we have a conversation with a man that experienced all of that and more, I'm your host Michael Herst welcome to One More Thing Before You Go

My guest in this episode is Jason Zuk, an intuitive psychic, medium, attorney, as well as a podcaster in Florida. Jason's also is a psychic medium that has been providing accurate intuitive advice and guidance within many different social contexts since August 2004. In January 2017 decided to offer intuitive guidance professionally so that he can further provide clients with the chance to gain insight on matters within their life which require further attention. Since that time Jason has read for hundreds of people and he's going to share his insights and wisdom with us as to how our deceased loved ones tend to remain with us after they crossed over. We're going to also learn about synchronicity, life after death, benefits of meditation and the power of forgiving others. By working with others to confront existing obstacles and challenges, Jason aspires to provide clarity and reassurance to those seeking advice. Check out Jason's podcast, The Social Psychic Radio Show. Jason is also the Co-Host of the New Show, Psychic Visions with his best friend and Co-Host Megan Kane which is signed with ElectraCast Media and which will debut in the Summer of 2022. Welcome to the show

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