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How My Grandfather Brought Me to the Other Side- A Near Death Experience

In this episode: A Near Death Experience. A 19-year old Air Force Academy Cadet wakes up in the hospital and finds that her Life has changed dramatically after a car crash that literally killed her, but an amazing group of First Responders brought her back. How do you learn to live and love differently after that near death experience? How do you align your soul, spirit, mind, and body after understanding that life can change in an instant? What was it like to have your Grandfather take you to the other side? We’re going to have a conversation with a woman who died and when she came back her life would never be the same.

My guest in this episode had a life-changing experience when she was a 19-year-old cadet at the United States Air Force Academy, Nicole Kerr would be forced to learn how to live and love differently following a terrifying and transformative Near-Death Experience. Her memory of the crash came back 20 years later, and it has taken Nicole almost another two decades to align her soul, spirit, mind, and body, proving healing is certainly a non-linear process. She is an Award-winning health expert and co-author of Eating the Rainbow: Lifelong Nutritional Wellness—Without Lies, Hype, or Calculus. She has appeared on CNN, PBS, CBS, ABC, the Food Channel, and a host of other TV and radio shows to share her unique perspective on wellness, lifestyle, and nutrition. She is also the Author of “You Are Deathless: A Near Death Experience Taught Me How to Fully Live and Not Fear Death” Find more about Nicole's Journey and how to get her book in the links in her bio at https://beforeyougopodcast.com