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How Fear Eaters, Spirits & Sigils were the Chaos in my Childhood

In this episode we'll be discussing what really happens when you become attuned to the spirit world, how to manage feeling the presence of spirits, and what exactly ego death is. We'll also explore daily mystical practices which blends Zen, Kabbalah, Chaos, and Jung and how working with dreams, angelic invocations, sigils, servitors and more can help you. If you've ever been curious about the spirit world or how to balance your daily life with a spiritual practice, you won't want to miss this episode. Join us as we explore the mysterious world of the unknown.

My guest in this episode Jay Rooney who has always felt attuned to the spirit world—had horrible nightmares as a child later realizing they were fear eaters, felt the presence of spirits, has experienced ego death. He pursues a daily mystical practice that's a blend of Zen, Kabbalah, and Chaos (with a dash of Jung). As part of this practice, he works with dreams, angelic invocations, sigils, servitors, and much more. In his day job Jay is the publisher and host of Game & Word, an award-winning weekly newsletter and companion podcast that explores the intersection of video games with the arts, sciences, and humanities. His mission is to educate gamers and non-gamers alike about video games' artistic, narrative, educational, and even therapeutic value. Find out more https://beforeyougopodcast.com

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