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Jan. 15, 2023

Uncovering the Strange Truth: UFO's, Lizard People, and Hybrid Aliens Among Us!

Uncovering the Strange Truth: UFO's, Lizard People, and Hybrid Aliens Among Us!
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In this episode of Throwback Sunday: UFO's, Lizard People, hybrid aliens among us - these fantastical creatures are often dismissed as mere folklore, but there are some who are determined to seek the truth. Investigating reports of extraterrestrial sightings, examining evidence, and even experiencing the phenomena first-hand, these brave individuals are on a mission to uncover the truth. Whether or not there is any truth to these claims remains to be seen, but for those who are willing to look beyond the surface, the search for answers has only just begun.I'm your Michael Herst welcome to One More Thing Before You Go- Throwback Sunday, So have fun relax grab a cup of coffee tea or whatever you're drinking and enjoy this throwback Sunday

We talk to a woman who was enjoying an evening dinner with her husband who claims to be an intergalactic ambassador, and was visited by a UFO not once but twice? We are also going to learn what’s it like to be married to an inmate, and how that helped her to be interested in UFOs, elementals, magic, and the paranormal? I'm your host Michael Herst and this is that thing about UFOs, lizard people, and hybrids among us. My Guest in this episode is Jo Ann Richards she is a native Californian. She has Associate of Arts degrees in film production and Accounting. She is the mother of a successful grown daughter and is the proud grandmother of three. An international speaker on the topics of UFOS, extraterrestrials, and military involvement with such topics. An active member of the Mormon Church for nearly 30 years before leaving it behind to fully embrace the world of UFOs, elementals, magic, and the paranormal which had long spoken to her soul. She has just published her first book, Midlife Magic, that ties it all together.FIND out MORE and how to contact JoAnn at https://beforeyooutopodcast.com

Disclaimer: the views of this guest or any of my other guests aren't necessarily the views of this host or One More Thing Before You Go Podcast, nor One More Thing Productions LLC. This is a conversation about life, is meant to inform, educate, inspire, and entertain.

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