Sept. 15, 2021

That Thing About Timeless Dreams

That Thing About Timeless Dreams

What do you do when you find out that your fiancé the man that's going to be your husband was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that was unfortunately in stage 4? Do you still plan the wedding? Do you still plan a honeymoon? Stay tuned in this episode for me to find out just that when we talk to a woman who came to know her true purpose in life. I’m your host Michael Herst and this is the thing about “Timeless Dreams” My guest in this episode is Ashley Jackson-Thompson. She and her fiancé were planning their marriage when they were struck with this devastating diagnosis of a cancer that has a 35% chance of survival. Together they went on to beat the odds of that devastating death sentence, and Ashley came to know her true purpose in life. She’s going to help us understand the true meaning of love, commitment, celebrating life and love and paying it forward.  Find out more about Ashley, her services and her book here and at

Ashley Jackson-Thompson

CEO, Author

My name is Ashley Jackson-Thompson. I am a graduate of Xavier University, where I studied Finance and Human Resources (HR). I then went onto receiving my master’s degree in Human Resources Management, which I have spent 10+ years of my professional career practicing. After my husband was diagnosed and beat a rare cancer in stage 4, I came to know my purpose in life.
Timeless Dream Events mission and vision is to provide terminally ill people and their family members with a “timeless dream event” that will celebrate life and love. We plan various events, at minimal notice due to each unique and sensitive situation. I am humbled by being able to turn my own pain into being a blessing to others. : @timelessdream
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