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Sept. 1, 2021

That Thing About The Rope of Life

That Thing About The Rope of Life
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What’s it like growing up in a blended religious family? How do you rationalize your Father’s suicide? How do you escape the reality of struggling with identity, secrets, family in-fighting, and heal?  Stay Tuned in This Episode we share the journey of a woman whose life growing up in that environment created the unique opportunity for a better understanding of life, helping her to heal, and that journey may inspire you to heal as well! This is “That Thing About The Rope of Life.” My Guest in this episode is Mirinda Koshoff has been a hospital social worker, an assistant managing editor at a large newspaper, communications director for academia and several nonprofits, a jewelry designer and a “member artist” in Chapel Hill's “FRANK Gallery.” She wrote a weekly column for a local paper, and taught essay writing at Duke University in a continuing education program, but she was missing something …she needed to heal from the trauma of her father’s self-destruction, growing up divided amongst the cultured Jewish side of  her family and the fundamentalist Southern Baptist side,  her small Southern town values torn between hiding both town and family secrets and of not belonging.  So was born a unique Memoir that helped her heal and she hopes will help you too. Find out more at: https://beforeyougopodcast.com