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Nov. 10, 2021

That Thing About Shamanic Healing and Connecting With Your Soul

That Thing About Shamanic Healing and Connecting With Your Soul
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In This Episode we are going to learn about shamanic breath work, the importance of validating spiritual experiences, and exploring the deeper aspects of the soul and how it's connected to the human experience, energy healing and more with Jen Pearson an ordained Shamanic Minister and certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, Spiritual Coach, and Reiki Master. I'm your host Michael Herst and this is That Thing About Shamanic Healing and Connecting With Your Soul

My guest in this episode is Jen Pearson, she founded lighten your space in 2015 with the intention of serving those who are learning to integrate “woo-woo” experiences with “normal” life, and can guide you through personal healing and Shamanic  Breathwork sessions, reminding us of our Universal Connection and provide healing and personal growth. In this episode we will learn that Energy work can help you reach deep healing at the soul level. Find out how to connect to Jen and More at https://beforeyougopodcast.com

Jen PearsonProfile Photo

Jen Pearson

Shamanoic MInister, LIfe Coach

My name is Jen, and I created Lighten Your Space as a service for anyone looking to brighten their personal light and invite positivity into their space. I specialize in serving those who want to integrate the “woo-woo” with “normal life.” Through spiritual coaching, intuitive energy work, tarot, and shamanic practices, I am committed to serving you as you lighten your heart and uplift your soul! Currently, services are mostly offered remotely, with some in-person availability in Asheville, Gerton, Bat Cave, and Chimney Rock, NC.
Tired of living life by someone else’s playbook? Want more connection to your intuition? Stressed? Trouble at work or in relationships? Too empathic/ “feeling too much?” Struggling to navigate a spiritual awakening?
grew up as a “normal” kid with severe anxiety, and suffered bouts of depression by the time I was in high school.

I had weird experiences throughout my life. At the age of 4, I clearly remember encountering a man in the basement of our home, but when I called for my mom he was gone and I was assured there was no one there…. but I DEFINITELY saw him. I still remember what he wore.

I remember learning about sympathy and empathy in school, and when asked to describe them I said, “Empathy is when you feel what other people feel, and sympathy is when you imagine what they feel.” It made perfect sense with my life experience, but I was scolded and told it’s impossible to feel what other people feel.

In middle school, I woke up one day with mysteriously restricted motion of my right elbow and pain. After the fourth doctor visit where I was told I was just seeking attention, my mom encouraged me to make up a story about falling while ice skating so maybe I would be taken seriously by the doctors. They still never found what was wrong.

I had dreams of people after they passed when they told me secrets about their lives that I didn’t know when they were living. Family and friends told me I must have known these things and forgotten, because communication like that isn’t real.

Basically, I spent most of my life repressing parts of me that were connected to Spirit and trying to convince myself these things weren’t real. But a part of me always knew that was wrong, and now I believe the efforts to repress it were big contributors to my depression and anxiety.

As an adult, I moved to Asheville, NC and began to encounter people who had similar experiences to mine, but saw them as important, sacred events instead of things to keep hidden. On the recommendation of a friend, I went to an energy healer, and in that first session, I had an intense emotional release and regained motion in my right arm that I hadn’t had in 20 years! The experience was so deeply moving that I decided to explore more.
I went on to explore alternative healing modalities like acupuncture, EFT (emotional freedom technique or “tapping”), cranio-sacral bodywork, shamanic breathwork, reiki, and other forms of intuitive energy work. I also explored EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) with my therapist.
These new experiences relieved my depression and anxiety in ways I never found with conventional treatments, and led me to learn more about how to share them with others. My experience inspired me to share these “secrets” with others like me who were in the dark for so long.
I studied Reiki and became a certified Reiki Master/teacher by the International Center for Reiki Training. I studied with James VanPraagh and became a certified Spiritual Healer and Spiritual Life Coach. And I studied with the Venus Rising Institute for Transformation to become an ordained Shamanic Minister. I am working toward becoming a Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator.
My goal is to serve my clients by opening doors they may have inadvertently shut long ago and forgotten. It is to support others in finding lost pieces of themselves and bringing them home. It is to be an agent of transformation and constant growth. It is to always invite positivity.