Dec. 16, 2020

That Thing About Polarization in America

That Thing About Polarization in America

In this episode we have a conversation about the political environment dehumanizing people, and how society has created the need to draw a line in the sand. We discuss whether or not policy be put the place over politics, and the Polarization of America. My guest is Nick Reed a grassroots activism trainer who delves deeper in all of these subjects. If you wanna learn more about what you can do to get involved and make your voice heard, you can find more about Nick By visiting I will have that in the show notes in on my website at

Nick Reed


Nick studied received his degrees in Psychology and Philosophy from Texas State University. Previously, Reed has worked in radio, politics, business, education and non profit. He is an entrepreneur, speaker and activist. For the past few years, he has worked as a trainer in the grassroots space for activists, organizers and local leaders. Presently, Reed works as a speaker and content creator for the Americans For Prosperity Foundation where he focuses on depolarizing America, helping people talk with those they disagree with and inspire bottom up solutions to our local problems