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April 29, 2022

That Thing About My Sister, Lupus, and a Cure-FLASHBACK FRIDAY

That Thing About My Sister, Lupus, and a Cure-FLASHBACK FRIDAY
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Hey one more thing before you go: we have a new Flashback Friday episode! 

In this episode, we share an incredible life journey and showcase how family can step forward and save a life. This is also one of my favorite episodes from the past where Alison Tierney took an aggressive and proactive approach to helping her sister stave off a devastating and debilitating disease and transformed her life with a naturopathic and holistic approach. Hope you enjoy this compelling story of a-life journey as much as I did!

In this episode we are going to see how the love of a sister with lupus, motivated a Registered Dietitian to find a way to stop Lupus in its tracks.  In that process it changed her life’s purpose to building a company focused on reversing or eliminating chronic disease. We have a conversation with Alison Tierney, Registered Dietitian specializing in Oncology, and the founder of Wholesome LLC. a virtual based company working to improve the health and lifestyle with prevention, improvement, and management of common chronic health conditions. Although Alison is board-certified in oncology nutrition, she is multi-passionate in nutrition and her expertise goes beyond cancer and involves helping others with the management of chronic diseases such as: heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and autoimmune diseases. You can find her and reach out to see if a plant-based diet can help you here: www.wholesomellc.com Email: alison@wholesomellc.com Cell Phone: 414.339.6125 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wholesomellc/ 


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