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Feb. 10, 2020

That Thing About Losing a Parent at a Young Age

That Thing About Losing a Parent at a Young Age
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On this episode we have a conversation with Aimee Carlson, also known as The Toxin Terminator, a wife, a mother and a grandmother! We explore Aimee’s journey through the loss of three family members within a relatively short time; how it affected her as a child, an adult and presently. She shares with us how she never got to say goodbye in some instances, and where she got to say everything she wanted and needed to in another and the difference it makes. We will also explore how it affected her family and how it’s different when you participate in someone’s end of life, as was her experience in being a caretaker for her brother. Aimee will discuss the importance of getting to say goodbye, how she overcame the obstacles presented with loss and finally choosing the right path to heal, after struggling with which path to take.We are also going to touch upon life after death, If there was anything she would have done differently in each situation, and Aimee’s recommendation for people who have lost someone at a young age. Find her book here: The Toxin Terminator Book Please visit us at Https://beforeyougopodcast.com tell you story, find resources, subscribe to our podcast and newsletter. You can find more about “The Toxin Terminator” and how Aimee can help you at: http://aimeecarlson.com