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Jan. 14, 2021

That Thing About Human Nature

That Thing About Human Nature
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On this episode we are going to learn how Elliot Conner, a young man who before the age of 18, took a love of nature and animals and turned it into a global empire of conservation and education. The Human Nature Project was developed by this aspiring young conservationist, photographer and leader. We discuss his passion, motivation and being an advocate for change; his work with organizations spanning local grassroots startups and established international names. How his life goal is to dispel some of the cognitive biases surrounding humans' natural superiority over other lifeforms, and to contribute towards a thriving global community of nature lovers. Elliot is a social entrepreneur, a podcast host, and the CEO of the Human Nature Project Charity. You find more at our website https://www.beforeyougopodcast.com  https://www.elliotconnor.com/  or visit The Human Nature Project at https://humannatureprojects.org/