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Dec. 14, 2022

That Thing About Gray Area Drinking

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In This episode: Have you ever asked yourself; “Am I an alcoholic? Could I be a Gray Drinker? What exactly is grey drinking, and will it affect my relationships? And how can yoga, meditation, and physical activity help?” Stay tuned we're going to answer these questions and more about the “gray area” in alcohol consumption. Are you one of those individuals that whenever you have a tough day, or you feel a little bit anxious that you just grab a glass of wine or a beer to help you relax” what happens when you have to have another one to take the edge off of that really rough day. That’s totally acceptable in today’s society… or is it?

According to Kimberly Dawn Neumann in an article in Forbes from April 2022: “Many people who drink alcohol think their consumption falls within the “acceptable” range for alcohol use, but that might not be so true. Gray area drinking (GAD) is that muddy space somewhere between social and destructive drinking and slipping into gray area drinking is much easier to do than most people think.” The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) defines heavy drinking for men as four drinks on any day or 14+ drinks a week, and for women as three drinks on any day or 7+ drinks a week.

My guest in this episode is Carrie Schell who three decades ago began her career as a midwife. Over the years, her role in the health and wellness space has evolved with graduate school, becoming a yoga instructor, and as a Director of Health and Wellness, creating innovative programs at an addiction center, and presently as a speaker and author. She comes from a perspective of having been a gray drinker herself. We’re going to learn through her journey how you can recognize whether you fall into this category and how Carrie's mind, body, spirit approach to wellness, along with her humor and wisdom, can help you with your desire to seek wellness. Welcome to the show.

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Carrie SchellProfile Photo

Carrie Schell


A midwife, personal trainer, yoga instructor, doctoral candidate, speaker and author, Carrie Schell has dedicated her life's work to health and wellness. As an addiction specialist helping others in their recovery, Carrie Realized she, like millions of other women, was a grey drinker...not an alcoholic, but her relationship with alcohol was unhealthy, in a grey area.

On her personal journey to create balance in her own life, Carrie created the innovative 10 Day Reset program and wrote her latest book, The Grey Drinking Reset: a 4 week journey to wellness, designed to help women who have are grey drinkers create healthier lifestyles bringing more happiness and clarity and ultimately, allowing space for women to become happier, feel better and live a fuller life!

p.s. Did you know that women report a 41% increase in heavy drinking since covid? That's five or more drinks at one time!