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Sept. 8, 2020

That Thing About Finding Happiness After Loss

That Thing About Finding Happiness After Loss
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We have a conversation with Dr. Ashley Wellman, a criminologist, specializing in homicide, victimology, an advocate and scholar specializing in homicide; who becomes a victim herself in a tragic and devastating unexpected loss of her husband and father to their daughter. As a widow and single mother, she had to rebuild and redefine her life. Now, as author of the My Friend Fresno children's book series, she is creating a life full of magic for her family while spreading a message of love, acceptance and friendship to all those who interact with her. At some point in our life we all will be affected by a loss of some kind, what comes to homicide or being a victim or traumatized because of that loss how do we overcome that? How do we deal with it? We share how she had to start listening to her own advice in order to move her life forward. Please visit Dr Wellman’s website https://www.ashleywellman.com/index.html and check out her children’s book series and enjoy 20% off with coupon code BEFOREYOUGO20 Http: Shop and Play at: myfriendfresno.com For more adventures, follow us @MyFriendFresno