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Sept. 18, 2022

That Thing About Autumn in New England- Over the Teacup Sunday

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Hey one more thing before you go.... In this episode; Lighthouses covered bridges Robert frost farm, beautiful fall foliage, home to the Von Trapps, Maple syrup and the only state that doesn’t have a Walmart this is autumn in Vermont! In this episode we're going to take a little bit of time to really enjoy life and nature and share some insight about exploring New England in the fall! We have not been there yet but you’re in luck we are going to have a conversation with a professional photographer and travel guide that's going to share with us everything about it so that we and you can enjoy it. Welcome to over the teacups Sunday with Michael and Diane, grab a cup of whatever you're drinking sit back relax let's take a fall trip with what Mother Nature has to offer.

Our guest in this episode is April Bielefeldt , she is a Fine Art Photographer and tour guide that originally hails from the Midwest, but a world traveler , podcast host and weekly travel group blogger. April connects Artists and travelers with scenic destinations in the US. and specializes in women’s travel groups inspiring, motivating and educating those individuals that want to learn about different cultures, Foods, customs, and making it easier to be able to understand the history and the beauty of what lies beneath our feet. Find out more and how to participate in April Photo Tours visit


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april bielefeldt


April Bielefeldt Fine Art Photographer and tour guide hails originally from the Midwest. I connect Artists and travelers with scenic destinations in the US.