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Aug. 31, 2022

My Grandfather is My Spirit Guide - Wayback Wednesday

My Grandfather is My Spirit Guide - Wayback Wednesday
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Hey One More Before You Go! Just a quick note: after 210 episodes, 8 operations, and a battle to regain my health, the one thing that I've learned is the value of family. We need to take time to spend together as life can change in an instant. For that reason, over the next couple of weeks, I will be taking a break to spend some time with my family, refresh my soul, concentrate on my health. That way I can come back with a new line up of fantastic guests and great conversations to inspire, motivate, and educate you. During this time period we have selected some of our favorite episodes from this podcast you may have already heard, or if you're new to the podcast, you're going to love these conversations that will touch your soul. So please enjoy these favorite and popular treasures, and I will see you again starting September 14th with brand new episodes, brilliant guests and more of what you love about One More Thing Before You Go!

In this “Wayback Wednesday” we bring you episode 99: “That Thing About My Grandfather is My Spirit Guide.” This is an exceptional journey into finding out that you have unique ability to talk to people who have passed on, and your Grandfather is the one to introduce you to it - from the other side.

In this episode, we talk to a woman who, as a child, saw her grandfather at his own funeral watching the services, and how her Grandpa is now her spirit guide! Do you ever wonder how cool it would be to have your grandfather as a spirit guide? Would it be weird? Or would it be the best thing in the world?

Dylan King is going to share her journey with us like how her grandfather helped her through very difficult times in her life, and still encouraged her to become successful in her field. She is a Life & Success Coach and Board-Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She is also Board-Certified in Neurolinguistic Programming and (EFT) Board Certified IME Techniques therapy. Her Grandfather helps her along the way; this is an amazing journey of a spiritual awakening, and you may learn how to make sure that you're aware of those around you including your spirit guides.

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