Roman Mironov


Roman Mironov is a coach trained by a Tony Robbins' program, helping people realize their potential and live a happy lifestyle. I fight for relationships even if they are “beyond salvation.”
I help clients open up their hearts to give and feel immeasurable love.
I teach them acceptance so that they find happiness and inspiration in their partner.
I help them stop arguments and resentments toward one another.Catch him on his Podcast - Be Version 2.0 of Yourself:
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That Thing About the Unspoken Addiction

March 18, 2021

In this episode we learn what a porn addiction is, how it can affect your life in a negative way and how to recognize it, manage and overcome if you or someone you know seeks help. Roman Mironov had an addiction to porn, and masturbation. It affected his personal life and motivated him to cure hims…

Guest: Roman Mironov