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Paul Quinton

Creator of the Alignment modality©

I grew up in a spiritual/psychic family. I’ve been involved in the esoteric all my life, which has allowed me to fulfil my soul's contract as a healer teacher channel and writer. I have a patented new modality insured in 45 countries, which will be accompanied by the release of my channelled books through spirits voice assisting humanity, making our shift into the new Earth's golden age, as the renaissance of consciousness establishes itself. I assist souls to assist themselves. Transforming human conditioning.
Being trained in numerous healing modalities has assisted me to bring through the Alignment Modality© However, my greatest teacher has been Spirit. They have provided me with priceless information, knowledge and awareness of the world we live in. One of my greatest gifts is being able to channel, speaking with spirit via my soul. Through this ‘downloading’ process I have learned much about what I teach.

That Thing About Growing Up With Spirits

April 20, 2022

What does an 8-year-old who has a spirit child as a playmate do with that unique gift? In what way do you have a normal childhood when you grow up in a family that talks to souls on other side? How do we have a discussion wi…

Guest: Paul Quinton